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activ8wet for Residential Use

Our water enhancement technology (WET) delivers soft water for your entire home, your family, your garden and every application where water is used.

Hard water problems are solved with no ongoing maintenance and no expensive filters.

Activ8WET units are made in Australia supporting local businesses.

Water Softening and Conditioning

Hard water is a major problem in Australia. In your home hard water requires additional chemicals to clean effectively. It is also harsh on your skin and detrimental for your pets and gardens. 

There is an environmentally friendly solution

Activ8WET can solve all hard water problems.

  • uses fewer chemicals to clean
  • has anti-bacterial properties reducing fungal growth in wet areas
  • anti-corrosion benefits which control mineral build up in pipes, around taps and on glass screens
  • softer water reduces skin irritation for family and pets
  • healthier gardens and lawns using less water
  • less chemicals required for pools and spas
  • helps to reduce algae in ponds
  • improves taste and is healthier for you to drink

Simple and Effective

Activ8WET is installed at the water mains of your home. It can be installed easily by any qualified plumber. The units require no power, no filters and no ongoing maintenance.

You will have softer, better tasting water with no hassles or ongoing expense.

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