activ8wet for Agriculture

Water Enhancement Technology for Agriculture

Activ8WET is used in agriculture to condition hard water and reduce salinity and heavy minerals that affect crop growth and productivity. Activated water reduces salinity and heavy minerals and provides an additional benefit of being more easily absorbed by plants assisting them to absorb essential nutrients from the soil.

How does it work?

With soil salinity increasing globally and the use of fertilisers destabilising ecosystems there is a need for environmentally friendly solutions to address these issues. Activ8WET provides a water conditioning solution that reduces the effects of hard water allowing plants to thrive.

The activ8WET system uses our proprietary quartz-like ceramic beads and precisely engineered chamber to create positively charged water. The constant agitation of the chambers ceramic beads changes the water’s molecular structure and releases the water’s hydrogen atom. The alteration of the water molecules provides many benefits including reduced surface tension, enabling our converted water to more easily enter the cells of plants and animals.  The process of water activation forms water molecular clusters similar to water molecular structures found in living cells. 

The basic mechanism of activ8WETis to reduce the size of water molecules, deionize minerals in water and absorb those minerals or substance in water (which are also positively charged) and provide a positive charge to water (cationized water). 

What does activated water achieve?

The effect on water is to reduce the surface tension and hardness allowing for better absorption. It also has a stronger cleansing effect (antibacterial) restraining the growth of eColi and other bacteria. The water also removes scale and slime from irrigations systems which is particularly useful in hydroponic operations.

Our customers have seen the following results:

  • increases in yield both quality and quantity
  • decreased usage of fertilisers
  • decreased water usage as plants are better able to access the water delivered
  • better soil quality over time

Increased yields, less water and fertiliser

The activ8WET system will deliver better water quality without the use of chemicals or electricty. The solution is carbon neutral requiring the use of the water velocity through existing pumps and irrigation infrstructure. Once installed the activ8WET requires no ongoing maintenance and will provide benefits to your crops consistently.

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