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Water Conditioning for Hard Water Problems

Activ8water produces a home unit that assists with scale build up caused by hard water. The unit services the entire property, activating the water for all uses. The activ8WET units positively charge water molecules using a proven, environmentally friendly activation process. The units are attached to the main water line of a property and once installed require no maintenance or upkeep. Our technology uses no electricity and is carbon neutral providing a lifetime of better water quality.

Benefits of using Activ8WET (Water Enhancement Technology)
There are many benefits for using activ8WET to condition the water across your entire property:

  • softer water for bathing and washing. Softer skin and hair. Cleaner clothes.
  • descaling of water equipment, pipes, windows from sprinkler systems and showers
  • increased productivity of ornamental and food producing gardens
  • pools and spas will take less chemicals to maintain them


Installation and Maintenance

The activ8WET unit can be installed by any registered plumber. The units can be purchased through activ8water and fitted professionally by your local plumber. As no electricity is required you don’t need any other trades to get started. The activ8WET units must be installed in an upright position but other than that there are no complicated instructions for installation. There is no maintenance once installed and activ8WET will run hassle free for years to come.



Activated water technology is used widely in agricultural applications. Once treated, the water becomes more soluble and absorbable. Plants are better able to absorb nutrients using less fertilisers. As an example, green house raised egg plants and cucumbers using activated water showed an increase in moisture and sugar content resulting in better flavour, healthier fruit and an increase in yield of


Benefits of using activated water:

  • increased yield and quality
  • reduced water consumption
  • reduced fertilser use
  • soil remediation



Activated water technology use in the livestock industry provides many benefits to animals drinking water and cleaning water. Animal industry reports an 85% decreased odour (of fecal matter) in hog operations utilizing activated water for both cleaning and consumption. Results showed that after hogs drank activated water the grade raised approximately 2 points, antibiotic usage decreased 20%~30%, and mortality rate decreased from 18~10% to 3%.

Benefits of using activated water:

  • decreased in odour of operations
  • accelerated growth rates in early development
  • better overall health and lower mortality rate
  • feed efficiency and improved digestion

Industrial & Commercial

The most common use of the activated water technology is in cooling tower maintenance. Once the units are installed there is a decrease in scale and slime. Corrosion is also reduced.

Benefits of using activated water:

  • remarkable longevity with little maintenance required
  • no power source provided that water flow is available
  • no chemical or filter is needed so it is environmentally friendly
  • simple Engineering and easy installation
  • easy to be integrated into the other water technology
  • significant reduction of the usage of water