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Who is Activ8water?

Activ8water is an Australian owned and operated company based in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. We provide water treatment solutions for many industries and applications.

What is Activ8WET (Water Enhancement Technology)?

Activ8WET is our product that changes the structure of water giving it its special properties. The Activ8WET product is a stainless-steel chamber containing specially formulated beads imported from Japan.

Where are the Activ8WET units made?

The Activ8WET units are made in Melbourne, Australia and contain imported ceramic beads from Japan.

What does the Activ8WET product do?

The units change the structure of water making it softer reducing the surface tension. Hard water contains heavy minerals and our product isolates these minerals so that they are no longer harmful to us or our animals and plants.

How does the water softening process work?

Activ8WET requires constant agitation of specially designed ceramic beads in a tube or chamber. The moving beads create friction that generates heat at the point of contact. The temperature difference between the beads surface and the water causes a thermoelectric current where electron transfer occurs.

The action positively charges water changing the water’s molecular structure releasing the water’s hydrogen atoms.

Alteration of the water molecules provides many benefits including reduced surface tension.

Is Activ8WET environmentally friendly?

Yes completely. Activ8WET uses no chemicals and no expensive and wasteful filters to operate. The flow of water through the unit is all that is needed to soften the water.

Do I need any other equipment for Activ8WET?

No. The Activ8WET units can be added to all different water sources. The only requirement is water flow as the water velocity is what activates the ceramic beads. Activ8WET can be used with other water enhancement technologies including water filtration systems and reverse osmosis however it operates as a standalone unit.

Where is the unit installed?

The units are installed at the water mains that service your property. To get the best out of the system you want all water entering your property to be treated. The units must be installed upright with the water entering the base of the unit and leaving the top of the unit.

Do the Activ8WET units need to be connected to power?

No. The Activ8WET units operate completely on the water flow through the unit.

Do the beads ever need to be replaced?

The beads have been used in commercial applications around the world and have been in constant use for over 15 years. The beads and the units are made to last and should not need to be replaced. If you have a problem with your unit, please contact Activ8Water.

What if I want a unit for my swimming pool?

No problem. Attaching a unit to a swimming pool will provide amazing soft water to swim in. You will notice the difference immediately as the pool water is circulated through the unit. To get the best results a separate unit would need to be installed alongside the swimming pool pump.

Can I install the unit myself?

No. The unit must be installed by a registered plumber for the warranty to be valid.

What benefits will I achieve once the Activ8WET unit is installed?

There are many benefits which are broken down by use:

Swimming pools and spas

  • Soft, silky, smooth water
  • Less chemicals needed to maintain the correct pH

Household water

  • Better tasting water
  • Soft on clothes and skin
  • Less washing detergent needed, and you won’t need fabric softener
  • Healthier gardens as plants absorb the water more easily
  • Antibacterial effect in bathrooms reducing odours
  • Reduced calcification and scale build up on shower screens and windows

Does the Activ8WET unit require maintenance to replace filters?

The Activ8WET units do not use filters. The beads are durable and will not need to be replaced. The casing is made from stainless steel and is built to last above or below the soil. Once the unit is installed it will not require ongoing maintenance.

Are there any additional expenses once I purchase an Activ8WET unit?

Once you purchase an Activ8WET unit it will be delivered to your address. Once it arrives you will need to call a licenced plumber to install the unit. Other than installation there are no other expenses.

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