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We are an Australian business dedicated to providing better water quality for all living things. Our proven technology activ8WET delivers outstanding results without harming the environment or creating additional green house gas emissions. 

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Join the growing number of homes and businesses that are using our technology to improve water quality and reduce heavy mineral content in their water. Protect your family, your home or your business by activating your water without chemicals, filters or ongoing maintenance. Join the revolution by using Activ8WETadvanced water technology.

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What is activ8WET?

Activ8WET (Water Enhancement Technology) changes the structure of water providing significant benefits for agricultural, commercial and industrial uses. 


Activ8WET can be applied to any type of water including city water, groundwater, river and lake water, tank water and even sea water. It is able to be used with all other types of water technology and reduces corrosion, scale and slime build up in pumps and filtration systems.


The setup requires a stainless tube and specific ceramic beads (LTI Ceramic Beads) based on the water velocity. LTI Ceramic Beads collide with each other constantly at a fixed rate of speed.  The process positively charges water, changing the water’s molecular structure and releasing the water’s hydrogen atoms. The alteration of the water molecules provides many benefits including reduced surface tension enabling converted water to more easily enter the cells of humans, plants and animals.

How does it work?

The agitation of LTI’s ceramic beads within the activation chamber causes them to collide with one another creating what is known as the Peltier effect. A second positively charged layer (cation) is created on top of the ceramic beads negatively charged surface layer (anion) known as an electric double layer.


Where there is friction there is energy (heat) released. This is known as the Interfacial Electrokinetic Phenomenon. The constant action produces a conversion channel where electron transfer occurs changing the water’s structure by breaking the hydrogen/oxygen bonds between each molecule. Surface tension reduction and other benefits result.


Untreated Water Molecules

 Water molecules are made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, with each molecule containing 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen. Untreated Water [H2O] holds a negative (-) charge.

Ceramic Beads Negatively Charged

 LTI’s Ceramic Beads are negatively charged. A layer of negatively charged anions (-) forms on the beads’ surface area.

The effects of Water Enhancement Technology

The surface tension of water is reduced significantly and the hardness of water is removed.


The water enhancement process leads to the following benefits:


Activated water is absorbed very more readily by humans, animals and plants as it passes into their cells smoothly. 

Activated water has a strong cleansing effect and has anti bacterial qualities.

Activated water reduces decay in produce without the need for refrigeration.  

Activated water dramatically reduces scale and slime also reducing corrosion of pipes and capital equipment.


Water Enhancement in Action

These units are used for agriculture and livestock providing activated water. The technology uses no electricity and its size is based on the volume of water passing through the pump.

Activated Water Hand Held Garden Sprinkler

The hand held unit is able to be used as an attachment to a garden hose. Perfect for home use or small market gardens.