Activate your water

Improve the water quality throughout your entire property. 

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What does activ8water do?

Effective, chemical free, water enhancement

Activ8WET is a proven technology to deal with highly mineralised and hard water quality problems. Our solution is environmentally friendly and cost effective requiring no maintenance after installation.

Remove scale and slime with activ8WET

Activ8WET changes the water structure allowing it to remove slime and scale from pipes and equipment. By using Activ8WET you will decrease corrosion in pipes, around taps and protect expensive equipment like water heaters and pumps.

Water Activation for your home or business

If you have salinity, calcification, iron or other hard water problems Activ8WET produces soft water without chemicals or expensive filters. Your water will taste better and will be less harsh on your family’s skin. Your gardens will also benefit.


Benefits for your home


Protect your family’s skin and the skin and coats of your pets.

Improve the taste and quality of your drinking water.

Significantly reduce scale on showers and corrosion around taps.

Gardens will benefit from the reduced mineral content allowing greater water uptake with less fertiliser.

Stabilise the pH in pools and spas and use less chemicals for maintenance.

Protect heaters and pumps from scale build up causing unnecessary corrosion.

Activ8water has antibacterial qualities reducing odours in bathrooms.

Benefits for your business


Stop corrosion in expensive equipment such as pumps, heaters and any equipment where water is used. Coffee machines will benefit greatly from using Activ8WET

Lower chemical usage to clean and maintain equipment.

Protect expensive infrastructure such as pipes, valves and taps.

Increase yield in crops and use less water in the process.

Provide an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution to control hard water problems.


Mark Alford
Jan 2021
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Since installing our Activ8water unit, our entire family has noticed a change in our Skin & hair both being much softer and less irritated. My Wife's Psoriasis has also improved greatly. Additionally, we have also noticed a significant reduction in the calcium build up on our shower screens, making them much easier to clean.
Erica Theedom
Jan 2021
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We installed our Activ8wet system about a month ago. The water in our area doesn't taste that good and leaves a calcium residue on all our surfaces. Almost immediately after installation we noticed how soft the water was and how sweet it tasted. My partner suffers with very dry skin which has seen an improvement since Activ8wet went to work. Our clothes, linen and towels are softer too so no need for the use of fabric conditioner. A win for the environment. We are extremely happy with our purchase and look forward to many years of maintenance free, sweet, soft water. Highly recommend. Great product at a reasonable price.

Explore Applications

For the Home

Our water enhancement technology (WET) delivers soft water for your entire home, your family, your garden and every application where water is used.


Activated water technology is used widely in agricultural applications. Growers report up to a 20% growth in yield. And livestock can increase their grade by up to 2 points. 

Industrial & Commercial

The most common use of the activated water technology is in cooling tower maintenance.

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The reseller program lets you sell Activ8WET without carrying stock.

Each time a reseller generates a lead the customer buys direct from Activ8water.

The Activ8WET unit is delivered directly to the custiomer and the reseller receives a rebate plus completes the installation.

The more units you recommend the more you can earn.

The reseller program is structured to reward those who promote the benefits of Activ8WET.